Brandy Harris, Real Estate Agent

Dear Future Clients, I can't wait to start working with you! My background includes national relocation, mortgage lending and massage therapy prior to making a career in real estate. For you, that means, you'll have the knowledge you need, with empathy from my moving experience and my commitment to making it as stress free as possible! I'm passionate about getting to know people and understanding what they want and need. Give me a buzz and let's get started custom Fitting your real estate solutions!


Previously a mortgage broker

Still holds massage therapy license

Has lived in Spain and Japan

Specialties in Real Estate

Military Relocations

Mortgage Loan Options & Refinancing

First Time Homebuyers

Fun Facts

Loves to cook all kinds of food

Mom of Three

Proud owner of 2 1/2 Frenchies

Recent Fit Realty Listings

182 Brown, Suffolk, VA 23435
($265,000) MLS #: 10170756 Team Listing
20334 Tan, Isle of Wight County, VA 23430
($372,000) MLS #: 10170783 Team Listing
2600 Ludlow, Norfolk, VA 23504
($215,000) MLS #: 10170488 Team Listing
3617 Blue Stem, Suffolk, VA 23435
($585,000) MLS #: 10170295 Team Listing
MM Glendan @ Greenspring, Suffolk, VA 23435
($554,900) MLS #: 10170339 Team Listing
MM Ella @ Geenspring, Suffolk, VA 23435
($549,900) MLS #: 10170344 Team Listing
MM Greystone @ Greenspring, Suffolk, VA 23435
($559,900) MLS #: 10170334 Team Listing
MM Donegan @ Greenspring, Suffolk, VA 23435
($569,900) MLS #: 10170324 Team Listing
MM Dogwood Michael, Suffolk, VA 23432
($381,400) MLS #: 10170055 Team Listing
MM Dogwood A Michael, Suffolk, VA 23432
($405,900) MLS #: 10170064 Team Listing