Nate Ham, Real Estate Agent

Dear Future Client, I specialize in working with military families. I spent many years traveling to many different countries and learned how to combat stress caused by relocating and to adapt positively to any situation. My personal experience with relocation and having the privilege of working with many military families have made me a real estate professional who remains calm under pressure. Members of my family currently serve in the U.S. Military, and I know all too well about the personal sacrifices involved. I have the most sincere appreciation of service members and their loved ones. My understanding and my compassion is what I will bring to you as your real estate agent. Adaptability serves me well for people who are looking to move, primarily because there's a lot of transition involved- and transition has been my life and I understand it. I really want to work hard to make sure that every client that I work with feels as though they are the most important thing to me at the moment, because the truth of the matter is; they are.


Born and raised in Alabama

Graduated high school in the South Pacific

Went to college in Dallas, Texas

Specialties in Real Estate

Buyer Representation



Fun Facts

Lived in 5 different countries

Was bitten by a monkey while living in Ecuador, South America

I still call Alabama home even though I live in Virginia

Recent Fit Realty Listings

417 Darby, York County, VA 23693
($434,900) MLS #: 10189450 Team Listing
20334 Tan Rd, Isle of Wight County, VA 23430
($362,000) MLS #: 10189451 Team Listing
2732 Nansemond, Suffolk, VA 23435
($325,000) MLS #: 10189452 Team Listing
20491 Tan, Isle of Wight County, VA 23430
($329,900) MLS #: 10189456 Team Listing
43 Ripley, Newport News, VA 23603
($189,900) MLS #: 10188504 Team Listing
144 Stoney Ridge, Suffolk, VA 23435
($247,000) MLS #: 10188038 Team Listing
13 Mohican, Portsmouth, VA 23701
($179,900) MLS #: 10188393 Team Listing
2515 Saint Martin Dr, Suffolk, VA 23434
($525,000) MLS #: 10188189 Team Listing
15 Oxford, Isle of Wight County, VA 23430
($355,000) MLS #: 10187083 Team Listing
3253 DUQUESNE Dr., Chesapeake, VA 23321
($424,900) MLS #: 10187134 Team Listing

Nate Ham Recently Sold

6226 Heather Glen, Suffolk, VA 23435 | Sold Jan 11, 2018
($165,000) MLS #: 10163612 Listing Agent
6226 Burbage Acres, Suffolk, VA 23435 | Sold Jan 19, 2018
($265,000) MLS #: 10153299 Listing Agent
17 SUNSET, Newport News, VA 23606-3721 | Sold Mar 09, 2017
($195,000) MLS #: 1649040 Listing Agent