Jonathan Beasley, Real Estate Agent

Almost 10 years ago, I decided to obtain my real estate license because I saw a great need in the marketplace for quality professionals. There are many agents, but few professionals. Investing for me at the time was a hobby, but I learned first hand that having the wrong agent, not only can, but absolutely will cost you time and money. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the power of real estate as both a vehicle for investment, and for positive life change. If acquired wisely, a home can change families, a home can change financial futures.  I have also spent years learning the local market here in Hampton Roads, and have benefited greatly from the opportunity to work with some of the area's most prolific and active real estate investors. What was once a hobby, has now become my profession and my passion. If you choose me as your agent, I will use my experience, my tools, skills, and network to ensure you get the result that you need. This is about you. You will get my absolute best efforts and in return, I will ask for your commitment, and your open communication with me. I have also found it immensely rewarding to have clients refer their friends and family based on mutual trust, and the results we achieved together. . .my past clients will tell you, we will make a plan, and we will get it done for you.


Worked for the DoD prior to being in Real Estate

Born and raised here in Hampton Roads (one of the few genuine "locals")

Graduated from Regent U. with a Bachelor's degree in Business Leadership

Specialties in Real Estate

New Construction & Renovations

VA/Military Relocation

Investment analysis

Fun Facts

Avid CrossFitter (level 1 trainer)

Plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, ukulele, and mandolin

They tell me I resemble "Uncle Jesse" from Full House


"Jonathan was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the area and responsive. Whenever we had questions or wanted to see the property, he was ready and willing to help. It was an enjoyable home-buying process." (2015)

"Jonathan Beasley is a fantastic asset for anyone looking for a new home. He will patiently and diligently provide expert knowledge of areas that you may not be familiar with. For example, our family was moving into a new city and appreciated his insight into neighborhoods and schools that we were not familiar with. He will become an expert on you and your hopes and needs for your new home. He will genuinely celebrate with you when your perfect home becomes yours!" -J. Hornsby (2010)

"Jonathan Beasley helped my husband and I with our dream home. He was very professional and made the process so easy! My husband was currently deployed to Afghanistan during this time and any assistance I needed, Jonathan was right there every step of the way!! I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for their dream home!" (2012)

Jonathan Beasley and Fit Realty Listings

5B Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($335,000) MLS #: 10278141 Agent Listing
4A Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($305,000) MLS #: 10277949 Agent Listing
3B Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($342,500) MLS #: 10277776 Agent Listing
1A Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($297,500) MLS #: 10277735 Agent Listing
3A Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($317,500) MLS #: 10277790 Agent Listing
4B Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($329,900) MLS #: 10277888 Agent Listing
2A Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($309,900) MLS #: 10277692 Agent Listing
2B Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($334,900) MLS #: 10277665 Agent Listing
1B Old Courthouse, Newport News, VA 23602
($329,900) MLS #: 10277129 Agent Listing
21469 Bailey, Isle of Wight County, VA 23397
($449,900) MLS #: 10276763 Agent Listing

Jonathan Beasley Recently Sold

2 Windsor, Hampton, VA 23666 | Sold Jul 26, 2019
($183,000) MLS #: 10258609 Listing Agent
7 Old Church, Portsmouth, VA 23703 | Sold Jun 28, 2019
($168,900) MLS #: 10257723 Listing Agent
6328 Freeman, Suffolk, VA 23435 | Sold Jun 05, 2019
($259,900) MLS #: 10255630 Listing Agent
105 Afton, Portsmouth, VA 23702 | Sold Jun 21, 2019
($295,000) MLS #: 10250934 Listing Agent
3625 Frazier, Suffolk, VA 23435 | Sold Jun 10, 2019
($399,000) MLS #: 10247010 Listing Agent
6215 Freeman, Suffolk, VA 23435 | Sold Jun 28, 2019
($260,000) MLS #: 10245412 Listing Agent
122 Lucas Creek, Newport News, VA 23602 | Sold May 02, 2019
($364,900) MLS #: 10241508 Listing Agent
33 Harris, Portsmouth, VA 23702 | Sold Apr 02, 2019
($360,000) MLS #: 10238799 Listing Agent
8 Midfield, Portsmouth, VA 23701 | Sold Feb 26, 2019
($494,000) MLS #: 10233359 Listing Agent
931 Hanson, Newport News, VA 23602 | Sold Mar 08, 2019
($325,000) MLS #: 10232277 Listing Agent