Although this may be the most laborious part of the process, it can save many sales that may otherwise be lost. This is a step that cannot be overlooked in any form. The following is a partial list of repairs that may be necessary, but know that everything fixed beforehand helps line homeowners' pockets at closing.
Also referred to as “decluttering,” stowing items that may distract buyers from seeing the beauty of your property is a must.
Even if buyers aren’t organized, they like to think they can be in your home. Help them solidify this theory by doing your part.
While a home may be clean enough for regular use, showing condition takes clean to a whole new level. Taking the time to tend to these chores can really make your property outshine the competition.
Now it’s time to put the icing on this cake, and offer your polished property to the buyers. Take a little while to add the finishing touches to wow everyone the minute they step out of their cars.
The hard part is over, but that doesn’t mean all the work is complete. Keeping things in order requires a certain amount of effort and discipline.